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The "HCT" and building bridges

Jan 09, 1995 12:38 PM
by LieselFD

Dick Slusser said to tell everyone that he will send a trial
complimentary copy of his "High Country Theosophist" to anyone
who requests it.  Address:

            High Country Theosophist
            140 S 33 St.
            Boulder Colo. 80303

I'd like to tell you- all that Dick's publication is super & well
worth the price of $7.50/an.  But judge for yourselves.

Also, when Dick has replaced his C-drive, which just conked out
on him, he's planning to join the theos- list.  He'll be a
welcome, & valuable additiion, and so will Marty.

Now about building bridges.  Dick & I go back to somewhere
between 2 & 3 years.  During that time, I've also established
very postive connections with his spouse, Marty, & her mother
Jinny.  It all came about when somehow (don't remember how) I
found out about Dick & Jinny's "Project Outreach", contacting &
helping TS groups in the 3rd world.  I was a little skeptical
about it, because Dick's ties are to Point Loma (I think, but it
may be Pasadena, because I really don't know too much of what's
the difference between the 2).  I'm 3rd world minded, having had
a taste of what it's like during 2 vacations in Johannesburg, & I
was looking for something Theosophical to do from my hous e, so I
asked Dick for an addess.  Dick was a little skeptical, because
he didn't know how I'd work out, since I believed strongly in CWL
& AB, but he told me that any Theosophist was welcome to join the
project.  And somehow I landed up with 2 addresses.  Well, it's
now 2-3 years later.  I have some cordial relationships, not only
with my Theosophical friends of a different persuasion in
Colorado, but I also have TS friends in Zambia & in Russia.  Even
if pride goeth before a fall, I must tell you proudly, that
there's now a little 1 1/2 year old girl, Liesel, in Zambia.  Her
Daddy sent me a snapshot.  She's beautiful.  And to end this
tale, I'm about to build another bridge through Dick.  Next week,
when my incipient study center meets, we'll entertain a ULT
visitor from Buffalo NY (about 2 hours away from Syracuse, where
I live), a young woman, a new friend interested in joining
Project Outreach.  I'll be so glad to see another Theosophist.
It's been several years.  There are lots of new agers, & people
inerested in esoteric things in Syacuse, but no Theosophists.  I
don't think Dick & I ever talked about our different theosophical
beliefs ..  we're just working together.  He thinks I'm doing a
good job, & I think his Newsletter & his Project Outreach are
super.  It's a mutual admiration society, from one Theosophical
believer to the other.  Let's build some more bridges, shall we?


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