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Hand of Lhagpa

Jan 07, 1995 02:53 PM
by Dara Eklund

In HPB's VOICE OF THE SILENCE (36) it says:

"Behold the fiery aura of the `Hand' of Lhagpa [Mercury]
extending in protecting love over the heads of his ascetics."

In BCW 6, (198) HPB writes that "most of the adepts" belong to
the Gelukpa order founded by Je Tsongkhapa.  That means most of
the adepts in the Tibetan branch of the Occult Brotherhood, I
presume.  The Egyptian and Indian branches have different
approaches, as MAHATMA LETTER #85 says.

In a new book on early Gelukpa adepts, ENLIGHTENED BEINGS, by
Janice Willis, the word Lhagpa appears as part of a poem in
praise of the Guru Ensapa (1505-66).

"Ensapa was blessed from the time of his childhood by *supernal*
deities and the highest lamas."

According to David Reigle, Lhagpa can mean `supernal' or
`supreme,' as well as `Mercury.'

So here is a tiny bit of evidence supporting the VOICE as truly
connected to a real Mahayana Brotherhood.

The connection of Buddha (and budha) to Mercury can be further
explored by those so inclined.


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