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Sciency Stuff

Jan 03, 1995 08:05 PM
by Jerry Schueler


It is very fascinating just how many theories
have come out of Einstein's equations.  Black
Holes is one possible solution.  Personally, I
like the theory of Black and White Holes.
I would be upset and disappointed if they ever
prove them to be unreal.  Speaking of "thorn,"
I enjoyed the book from Kip Thorn on time

The torsional theory, I believe, comes from
Roger Penrose (who together with Hawking also
came up with Black Holes).  Actually, this is
very theosophical - all elementary particles
have a spin which is either positive or
negative - because it would confirm the theory
of dualism.

I heard that Hubble found a much younger
universe than science had thought, but I was
not aware of it finding too much matter.  In
fact, one of the problems of science has been
that there was not enough matter to cause the
expanding universe to stop expanding.  Everyone
was predicting that the universe would end in
an entropy soup, or that there was more matter
out there somewhere that was undetected (called
Dark Matter because invisible).  Are you saying
that this extra matter has been found?

How do you like the string and superstring
theories?  I think the idea of a 10 dimensional
universe is rather theosophical.

           Jerry S.

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