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CWL FAQ for archives

Dec 31, 1994 09:15 AM
by John Mead

Hi -

due to:
1) CWL stuff always surfacing here (every few months)
2) the current activity has somewhat subsided (all sides
   must have made their main points by now ?).

I have considered that it might be a good idea to copy the last
month's activity on CWL and place it in a CWL FAQ (Frequently
asked questions) in the archives.  Hence, when the issue comes up
again, we can refer the individual to the FAQ and suggest that if
they have further questions they can *then* ask the question in
Theos-Roots (preferably?) or Theos-L or even send e-mail directly
to an individual (a co-author of the CWL FAQ e.g.).

I think it may keep the rehashing of old stuff down some on the

remember (to keep this document fair) the CWL FAQ can be changed
as either party (side?) discovers a need to clarify and add to
their position/points etc.  before archiving a CWL FAQ we can
announce the document available for review a week or two before
the update occurs so all can have a chance to review it.  (If the
document is a problem...  well, -- we can open up a discussion on
it in Theos-Roots (?), and save THOSE comments).

comments ?

peace -

john mead

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