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Liesel's note, question

Dec 28, 1994 06:52 AM
by William Allen

In Liesel's note of yesterday I found the following:

> To quote Eldon again "We are taught to shut down psychic
> experiences as an early important step of spiritual training,
> and to instead awaken 'The mind's eye' ". Exactly what I've
> been taught by my Theosophical teachers. It's not a toy. & one
> needs to develop a lot of other qualities first before psychism
> can become useful.

I wonder if Eldon or Liesel (or anybody else) could elaborate on
those statements.  Specifically, I wonder

     1. how one "shuts down" psychic experiences, and
     2. about the difference between psychic "seeing" and seeing with
        "the mind's eye"

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Best wishes,

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