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Quick comments.

Dec 27, 1994 06:19 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Some general comments:

Daniel - Nice list of books.  Thanks.  I have been a theosophist
for over 25 years and have not read any of those you list.
Should I start now? Or will this just confuse me?

Paul - Thanks for your "in serarch of agreement." I think I know
how you feel, having been flamed a few times myself.  You are
right - don't take it personally.

Richard - I fell out of my chair laughing at your message (so
yes, you are still very funny).  I am wondering, though, about
where on your list I must be; apparently I am a pussycat!

Eldon - Your "some reasons for the conflict" almost made me fall
out of my chair too, but not from laughter.  I couldn't agree
with you more.  I really enjoyed your comments.  I hope everyone
reads them and takes them to heart.

CWL - Yes.  They are picking on you again.  Sorry chum, but you
started it yourself, and really have no one but yourself to
blame.  Tsk tsk.

Jerry S.

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