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quote from Joy Williams, pagan

Dec 25, 1994 06:52 PM
by LieselFD

I thought you'd enjoy reading this both poetic & succinct
writing.  Joy is on the Interrel net.

"In my religion, we regard all things and all beings, including
ourselves, as Divine, and it is my theory that the Internet is
part of Gaia's evolving consciousness as a living organism."

(There's been a discussion on the interrel net re the separation
of science, art & religion, or how they might be welded

"Science is 'study', a way to understand the sacred things around
and within us.  Religion is the "relink" to get connected with
the sacred and to give purpose and direction to our lives, or if
nothing else, if NOTHING else, to give a sense of community,
which is necessary for the human animal's evolution.  Art is to
express this understanding, for the most part.....

"To me, Science explains the process of the sacred, Art is the
expression of theSacred, and Religion is the "why" of the Sacred.
The Sacred to me is not any less that way if a scientist explains
it to me! A scientist may explain to me the reason why rain comes
in metereological, climactic and Earth cylce dynamics, but that
does not make it any less sacred to me when I see a Native tribe
dance a rain dance, thanking the Earth for its sacred blessing,
nor does it seem any less sacred to see a magnificent painting
showing the wild power and abandon of a rainstorm."

Joy calls herself Dancing Hummingbird, Scion in the Church of All
World "The Garrulous Grok Flok" aka the pagan church.  Her e-mail
address, in case anyone wishes to communicate with her is


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