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Open Letter to Leisel

Dec 25, 1994 10:30 AM
by RIhle

This is an open letter to Leisel and future newcomers to Theos-l.

The following is a hierarchical ranking of people one should
NEVER get into a serious on-line dispute with:

1.  Benda Tucker.  Articulate, super-smart, normally quiescent
but able to tap into awesome emotional resources when aroused.

2.  K.  Paul Johnson.  Probably the highest I.Q.  on Theos-l.
Vast erudition on the subjects which interest him; can grind
opponents down with impeccable logic and well-designed arguments.

3.  Jerry Helka-Elkins.  Can surprise you with all the things he
knows; indefatigable writer; impresssive will-to-win; natural
aptitude for non-stop "grading" the contributions of others.
(Would be ranked #1 on this list were it not for his recent
self-curbing of the ad hominem technique.)

4.  Eldon Tucker.  No opponents can reach him.

5.  Richard Ihle.  Used to be funny; may be funny again someday
and therefore dangerous.

Best wishes to all for the holidays.

Richard Ihle

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