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Christmas, 1994

Dec 24, 1994 06:59 AM
by LieselFD

"May the Beauty which lies within,
Shine out through your mind
And body. May the love in your heart,
Radiate out in all directions.
May the being which is you,
Function through you, affecting
All around you, inspiring
Everyone by the Beauty there.
These are expressions of the Self."
                      Dr. Harry V.G.
from "Inner Peace through The Process of Knowing"


"Hail. devic hosts who build!
Come to our aid;
Help this new birth
Into the world of men.

"Strengthen the mother in her pain;
And send your graceous angels
To attend the bed of birth,
And usher in the dawn
Of this new life.
Give to the coming child
The blessing of our Lord.

"Hail devic hosts who build!
Come to our aid;
Help this new birth into the world of men,
That the divinity within may be set free."
           Geoffrey Hodson
          from "The Brotherhood of Angels & of Men"


It is perhaps on the Christian religion that we find the best
example of this ..  type of mantra, as those who know anything of
the Services of the Church will realize.  The greatest of them
all is 'Hoc Corpus est Meum', 'This is My Body'; for the Chirst
Himself has made a covenant with His Church that wheneve r that
call is uttered, whenever those words are pronounced in any
language by one of his duly ordained Priests, he will respond
thereto.  But this power is given ...  only to those who are
prepared by another mantra of the same type to receive it .......

"The power which, with these words, he gave to his disciples just
before he left them has been handed down with the same words in
an unbroken chain for nigh 2000 years, and constitutes what is
called the Apostolic Succession.  Whenever a priest wo has been
duly ordained in that Succession pronounces with intention those
other words 'This is My Body', a certain wonderful change is
thereby brought about in the bread over which he speaks them, so
that though its outward appearance remains the same its higher
principles or counterparts are superseded by the very life of the
Christ himself, so that it becomes just as truly his vehicle as
was the body which he wore in Palestine."

           Bishop Charles W. Leadbeater
           from "The Masters & The Path"

Yesterday I got a Christmas card from my church. it says:
         "It's a boy!"

Shanti, Shalom & Aloha
Liesel & Chouhou

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