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tO:Jerry H-E, discussions

Dec 23, 1994 05:52 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Jerry,

I'm glad you raised your voice about this debate re CWL..  It is
one of reason, & I was waiting for someone reasonable to say
something.You urge Paul & me to continue the "dialogue", until we
come to a resolution.  Well, all my cards, except one, are on the
table, and that one I'll put down in a moment.  I've said
everything I know and feet about CWL.  I've been carrying on this
"discourse" because I wanted others on theos-l to know how I feel
about him, because I think I have a very valid point of view ...
maybe not the only point of view, but a valid one.  I will not
discuss the matter any further with Paul, because I think he's
playing dirty pool.  A propos of nothing, he now prints this
quote about phobic reactions, & it's not the first thing of this
type he's come up with.  If he expects an answer from me.
Tough!.  As for the rest of you, if you were following this
hoping for a resolution, I'm sorry...  I took some pains in
presenting what I thought were resolutions as we went along, & I
wasn't taken up on any of them.  It's taken time from me that I'd
rather be spending on something else.  The one thing I still know
about CWL, & haven't addressed, concerns the question of whether
he touched little boys.  When I first heard about that, I asked
someone who knew CWL well, not just a passing aquaintance,
whether that was true.  And the answer I got back was a
resounding "absolutely not." That person has never told me a lie,
so I believe them.  For me, that's where the matter rests.  It
apparently doesn't for some others.  Well then, just suppose he
did these things.  Why should CWL be maligned, for a supposed
fault, when FDR is considered a great President, and he had a
girl friend, and so did another great President, JFK, There are
other leaders of humanity who had failings.  Human beings do have
faults.  It goes with the territory.  CWL left us a rich legacy
of spiritually beautiful & informative books, plus the work of
his pupils which has greatly enriched the world, plus the Liberal
Catholic Church, plus I won't burn any incense except the one
from the TPH which I understand is made from his formula.  I like
it.  Leadbeater has given us a legacy to be very proud of.  I
myself have not only gained by reading his books, I've gained
immeasurably through my relationships of one sort or another with
3 people who built up their own work with his teachings as a
base.  I'm proud of CWL, & grateful for what I've learned from
him, directly & indirectly.  I simply do not understand why he
has to be continually maligned? The man's been dead for 60 years.
I think it's about time to let him rest in peace? Why can't we
all agree on that?

I'll end with season's greetings to everyone

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