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addendum to CWL of 12-21

Dec 22, 1994 09:07 AM
by LieselFD

I wrote a sentence at the end of the 3rd paragraph that didn't
come out the way I meant it to, so I'd like to amend it.  I wrote
"There is no collective belief of the Theosophical Society." and
I should have continued the sentence with "which every
Theosophist must adhere to." There is Theosophical doctrine, but
its interpretation & adoption is left to the individual
Theosophist.  These individual Theosophists include such notables
as Judge, DePurucker, Leadbeater & a number of others.  Part of
the dynamism of our movement is that Theosophy can be interpreted
anew by each new member, rather than stagnate in the same, worn
out old dicta.


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