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Re: Waldorf schools - NO computers allowed! ??

Dec 19, 1994 03:29 PM
by Olcott Library

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, John Mead wrote:

> I have an e-mail friend I play GO with in Germany. during various
> discussions he mentioned that the Waldorf schools there are
> in the press (often) being criticized about refusing to teach
> the young students anything about computers (computers are NOT
> allowed in the classroom).
> I have read a few Steiner books,  but I fail to see why
> computers would be banned.
> any ideas?

I have a son in Germany who with his wife and children is heavily
involved with Waldorf education.  Several of their children
attend or have attended Waldorf preschool and regular school.
They do indeed not use computers or any kind of "high tech" (or
even "low tech") in their schools.  The emphasis is on
"experiencing" what they learn through drawing, acting, music,
eurhythmy and such things.  I wasn't aware that computers are
"banned" but when my son was visiting with us last summer with
his 11 year-old son, I let the boy play a computer game that is
really quite challenging (The Incredible Machine).  The youngster
quickly mastered it and was instantly hooked to the computer for
hours at a time.  Observing this, my son told me he's glad that
his children are not "exposed to computers in their formative
years" because of the addictive potential...  Needless to say,
there's no TV in my son's home either.

I leave you all to draw your conclusions, and I am not willing to
argue any pros and cons.  (I see both sides, and I consider
myself somewhat of a "hacker.")

Elisabeth Trumpler

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