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Osmar-- pls. rd.

Dec 19, 1994 09:23 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Osmar--

I accidentally deleted your message so have to answer here.
Called SUNY Press, and they checked for a Brazilian distributor
or even one anywhere in SA.  No luck.  So you can order the book
from their US distributor, CUP Services, P.O.  Box 6525, Ithaca,
NY 14851.  Add $4 shipping for the first copy, $1 each for
additional ones.  The paperback is $16.95.  Don't know the price
of the next one or the exact date.

You could place a phone order on a credit card through
607-277-2211 but I bet the call would cost as much as the book.

Hope you enjoy the book.

Solstice blessings

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