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Dec 09, 1994 03:31 PM
by Doreen Domb

Just want to say hello & Solstice Greetings to some old friends
and many more new ones! I've just come on board, and I'm looking
forward to some stimulating moments - both to receive and to
bestow.  Admittedly, I also welcome this forum as refuge from the
everyday mundaneness with which I sometimes find difficult to
deal.  Theosophical mundaneness happens, too -- you say?! Depends
on the motive & the source -no?

Anyway, for anyone interested, a bit about me: I've been involved
with Theosophy, the Movement, etc., since 1985.  Have been a
member of the L.A.  Center for Theosophic Studies, am on the TBAB
(Theosophical Book Assoc.  for Blind) board, hang out a good deal
& learn with/from some notorious Pasadena entities, participate
in and help to organize local conferences, assist on the ECLECTIC
THEOSOPHIST.  Also, I write: articles of theosophical & other
related (and not) subjects, poetry, book reviews, the occasional
song, and whatever happens next.

I look forward to exchanging our thoughts! And I extend a mighty
THANK YOU to John Mead for explaining the workings of theos-l to
an uninformed (or perhaps unconscious?) beginner of the Internet.
Thank you & Take care.........  - Doreen Domb

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