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Re: To ALL: considering public access Theos-L

Dec 08, 1994 11:52 AM
by Arthur Patterson

Martin and Others,

Like Allen I came to the theos-l with no idea of Theosophy or
very little.  Being on the list has motivated me to wander
through Blavatsky, Steiner, and become familiar with new
terminologies and concepts.  The most important by product is the
contact and interaction with those who have been in the TS for a
long time and have so much to offer.

While I understand the advantages of being a relatively closed
group I also see that I would never have found my way to this
group or perhaps to Theosophy as a philosophy were I not allowed
lurking privileges.  Thanks to all just for being there and
letting me be there too.

Arthur Patterson

Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3E 1Y5

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