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To Jerry H-E;geometry : from Martin E

Dec 08, 1994 10:36 AM
by euser


>I understand geometry to be a symbolical language
 that is a key to the understanding of ancient mysteries.

 Yes, I agree with that. Some say that Sacred Geometry
 is also involved with understanding the conceiled Forms
 behind the manifest forms. That reminds me of Gordon Plummer.
 His models of nature could prove useful.

> ..numerical relationship between shapes and solids

   We *know* that the Logoi express transcendent forms in concrete
   forms, i.e.  there is a transition from transcendent relations to
   certain _proportional_ relations, expressed as ratio's of whole
   number's.  I did a little bit of research into this field and
   derived some formulae which make this process a little bit more
   understandable.  But these are fragments of a greater whole.  It
   requires a lot of intuition and research to develop this further.

   Note that Plato and Pythagoras mention this proportionality in the
   works of the Demiurgos.  I was already rereading Plato's Timaeus.
   That fits nicely into this kind of study.

> Greek and Roman architecture used occult geometric principles

   Yes, and so did the Egyptians! I studied the famous book of Ralston
   Skinner: 'The Source of Measures', which is quite enlightening
   regarding these occult principles, although very incomplete of
   course.  But it gives an interesting glance beyond the veil..
   Blavatsky often mentions Skinner in the SD.  BTW the Jews used their
   Kabalah to encode some of their arcane knowledge into the Talmud,
   especially in Genesis.  Skinner decodes a lot of this knowledge,
   showing it to conform to the Egyptian proportions used in building
   the Great Pyramid (Gizeh).

   I know the name of Vitruvius, but didn't study his work.  Can you
   give me the details regarding Publisher, etc.?

   I'm not an advanced student of Sacred Geometry, but I have
   discovered some interesting stuff, which I want to share with
   others.  Maybe we can enlighten each other a bit on this field! So,
   Jerry, I'm interested in the ideas of Vitruvius and others.  Also, I
   want to study the Tetraktys on a more fundamental level.

   I also understand you did some discoveries of your own.  That would
   be great to compare with my own findings.

   P.S.  My proposal to Murray was included a mail or two ago to this
   list.  I asked him to tell something about the background of his
   research with Hodson on crystals, etc.  As you know, Murray agrees
   to do so, bit by bit.

   Martin Euser

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