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Re: Martin to Murray and Jerry H-E

Nov 27, 1994 07:56 AM
by euser

To Jerry H-E:

Regarding your remark about discussing patterns and meanings
emerging from geometric relationships, I would say, yes, it's a
very intuitive study.  I guess Murray is interested to join that
type of study & discussion.  The start of that could be on this
list, maybe leading to private E-mail discussions.

Regarding correspondences and loka-tala poles: the whole point is
to recognize how some of the deductive principles we know (7
jewels & related) apply analogically to the macro vs micro
worlds.  In sacred geometry there are some starting points for
that too.

I don't have the collected writings of HPB, but I assume the oral
teachings of HPB to include ~Instruction IV~.  I have this
material in the edition of SD 'III' from Annie Besant (Adyar

About deeper teachings behind correspondences: you say you try to
draw them out.  So, do I want to try.

BTW, I received your E-mail.

To Murray:

We had a breakdown at our site a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe you
can try again sending E-mail to me.  I will do the same to you

You ask: where would you like to start? Well, I suppose it may be
a good idea if you tell something about the background and exact
purpose of this research, maybe some of it's results and

I'll try to borrow some books of Hodson on music forms & crystals
from a Theosophic library.

I guess Jerry H-E would like to join discussion of these things
as sacred geometry must be involved with the interpretation of
these kind of things.  So, what do you think? Maybe you could get
in contact with David Lyness' son for some additional material on
Hodson's research.

Like I suggested to Jerry (and like you mentioned), discussion
could start on this list.

To Jerry Schueler:

I read a part of your work on chaos-theory.  One thing I like
about it is the famous 'butterfly-effect'.  It reminds me of the
impact even one individual can have on this world by a
concentrated effort for good or worse..

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