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Liesel's encouragement

Nov 21, 1994 05:46 AM

> I would think that by being on committees looking into how you
> are going to implement the new state mandate, you would be able
> to contribute something that would try to ameliorate, to the best
> of your persuasive powers & etc., said implementation towards
> your sense of the right & the feasible.

Thanks, Liesel, for your encouraging words.  I wish I could feel
encouraged by them.  I was in academic administration for almost
eight years, had enough of it (difficult to maintain integrity in
academic administration), and returned to teaching--which I
really love.  The problem is that I know only too well what being
on a committee like this really means.  We'll keep recommending
until we get it right.  Getting it right means the cheapest,
easiest way of meeting the state mandate.  That will be a
multiple-choice test of some sort.

Someone over the weekend spoke of ours being an age of
enlightenment.  Why do I feel just the opposite? I think we are
living through an increasingly repressive and difficult period.
I keep having images of the "new barbarians" crossing the Rhine
via the electronic super highway.  More and more I treasure a few
close friends, my family, and plants.  I have a hydrangea that
knows more about education than most of colleagues know.

Perhaps I shouldn't post on Monday.

William Allen

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