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another ethics topic

Nov 11, 1994 01:21 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Can we discuss what theosophists, Bodhisattvas-in-the-becoming,
can do about violence, especially as it concerns kids.  What are
we, as a group & individually, doing that's more active than
meditate peace, to protect kids from violence, said protection
includes educating their parents? I've heard some things from
Jerry & April H-E.  The spark for this request comes from that
during this past week we've had this gawdawful thing with that
young Smith woman drowning her kids, because her boyfriend didn't
want noise around.  It's like "Medea".  "When shall we ever
learn?" And then she accused an unknown black man.

Also this week a good friend of mine, someone who's continually
studying to become more effective in his profession, serving
mankind, this friend's 11 year old son got severely beat up by a
gang of high school football bullies.

And just now on the news over TV, a hi-rise janitor just happened
to hear the stifled cry of a newborn, who'd been thrown into a
trash compactor with a cloth stuffed into its mouth.  The baby
still had its umbilical cord.  triple croche va! You can't just
sit down & cry & feel compassionate.  Starting in January, I've
signed up to be a grandma to some child over the phone, since I
don't have a car anymore.  We have a 92 year old man in this
building who was a math teacher before he became principal.  He
now goes to 2 neighborhood schools during the week to tutor Math.
They love him.  He was written up in the local paper.  What a
role model he makes! who needs it ...  over the phone.  That's at
least something.

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