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ethics topic for discussion

Nov 11, 1994 09:46 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

For those of you who're bored with the same old thing, how about
discussing the ethics of transnational corporations? That'd fall
under the topic of what affects one affects all.  From a book I
read recently the 3rd world is getting exploited (dare I use the
word ?) all over again without half realizing.  My source is "The
Global Factory" by Rachael Kamel, American Friends Service
Committee, Omega Press 1990.  The book presents a rather grim
picture of what's being done under cover of the hope & belief of
raising standards of living.  ..  unsafe factories & machinery
...  poor parents sending their kids to work without any
protection for the kids ...  12 hour work day very low pay by our
standards, but higher than 3rd world people have been earning
previously, and what's fair & not fair about that.  The book's
statstics are from the '80ies.  Superficial discussion with my
son, Bob, he doesn't agree with the book, so maybe some of you
won't either.

If that's too far out of the way, maybe we could just talk about
the feeling you get when you walk into a bank as a potential
depositor, as compared to as a potential borrower.  Or how much
spirituality is there in business ethics? Since we all know there
isn't much, can we devise ways of trying to foster some?

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