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Re: ethics

Nov 11, 1994 04:59 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Jerry H-E, and the others.

You wrote...

J H-E>   Yes, I agree that motive is basic.  I can't imagine "an
> enlightened one" acting without motive.  Certainly from higher
> motives, but not from no motives.

I think that if you are " an enlightened one" you have gone
beyond duality of doer-action, you-world, mind-world, I-the
others.  Our consciousness is the dwelling place of our "I", this
"I" reflects our thoughts and perceptions of the world, our self,
etc.  But all this is limited to our "I" and time.  If you go
beyond this setting you are no longer attached to your ego, world
and time.  Then you naturally no longer have any motives to your
illusory play in this world.  You may still have motives and
such, but you don't think that it is "You" who have these things.

I think this is a question of your overall motive.  What is your
goal in your life? If you want to have good Karma or get out of
Samsara, in general - what you want?

J H-E> Perhaps the "motive" is more important than the result,
even when the result appears to be unfavorable.

> >(aki) If you respond evil with goodness, you should always succeed,
> > since the evildoer has the same wish, good for himself. So you
> > are not any more conforting, but going to the same direction.

J H-E>   In the Mahatma Letters to Sinnett, K.H. writes that we
> return good with good and evil with justice.

Maybe we should do like that.  The problem is; how we can judge
what is good and what is evil? I think that is more secure to
always respond with goodness and compassion.  Is it so bid deal,
if we accidentally respond evil with goodness? But if we make a
mistake in applying our "justice" we may do a lot of damage.

      Peace. aki.
      Oulu, Finland.

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