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2nd try Principles

Nov 09, 1994 09:11 AM

To Jerry H-E,

Thank you for again responding so quickly to my ques- tions in
spite of the fact that I sent this note to you a week ago.  Not
your fault, cyberspace still has its flaws.  So in case this
message gets delayed, I will tell you that it is the 8th of Nov.

I'd like at this point to tell you a little about my- self and
experience.  I have been a meditator for 27 years.  I believe
because of this I was able to under- stand the basic message of
the _Voice of the Silence_.  Of course, one can meditate and
never truly understand, but the type of meditation I have done
has been an unusually effective one.  One aspect of it is
designed to overcome the emotional response to environmental
stress.  This is accomplished by realizing that our lower
Kama-Manas is subject to conditioned reflex response and that
this becomes our program which takes a higher Buddhi
consciousness to monitor so that trans- formation or crossing to
the other side may come about.  It is very complicated.  There
are many techniques which are introduced at each rung of the
ladder of advancement.  My motive in asking you questions is that
I am interest- ed in furthering my education along the lines of
the in- tellectual understanding of the spiritual path.  Your ap-
proach is one I admire.  Although I can see that you are missing
some knowledge, on the whole you seem to pos- sess a remarkable
amount of very precise information.  I am thankful that you are
so willing to share this, along with your valuable time.  I must
admit that months back I was so overwhelmed by your answers I
couldn't find a way to respond and make sense at the same time.

Thank you for remembering my question on the TS astro time.
Perhaps someday you will be kind enough to reveal your birth
information.  When I was in NYC for the month of Oct.  I went
looking for 46 Irving Place.  The building that stands in that
place is not the original one.  I did, however, make it to the
now Sherman Hotel that is on the corner of 47th and 8th Ave.,
where HPB wrote Isis Unveiled.

When I ask you a question, I am seeking an explana- tion more
than an answer.  The difficulty is that this subject is so vast
and it is hard to focus on one aspect of it without coming up
with many more questions which tend to branch out in all
directions.  I felt the topic of the PRINCIPLES to be central and
yet they are so complex.  I'm trying to go in a certain
direction.  About a year or so ago, I read some parts of _A Study
in Con- sciousness_ by Annie Besant.  In it she gave out some
information I have not seen elsewhere in theosophical literature.
At the time I also read _The Inner Group Teachings_ and many
parts of the Collected Writings vol.  XII.  I don't have these
books on hand so I cannot refer to pages at this time, but I want
to discuss a bit of what I discovered.  There was a letter
written to Annie Besant from HPB.  She called her Pennelope, I
believe.  I got the impression from this letter that HPB was very
close to AB.  I'm wondering where AB learned the techniques she
wrote about in _A Study in Consciousness.  Was it from HPB? I
don't find this material in HPB's writings, not even in _The
Voice of the Silence_.  In AB's book, she goes into great detail
on how to handle emotions on a daily basis and describes a type
of medi- tation that I find no where else in theosophical writ-
ings.  I'm sure you can shed more light on this subject for me.

A question on the Moon.  Would you please explain the
theosophical meaning of the Moon? Then how does this meaning
relate to it's placement in the horoscope of an individual and
then how does this relate to the principles?

..............Thank you,..............Sarah.

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