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science/religion/theosophy discussion

Nov 05, 1994 09:32 AM
by euser

Thanks for your interest in discussing Theosophy and science,etc.
(John, Jerry, others?).  Especially thanks to John Mead for
taking the trouble to compile his booklist and his willingness to
share his knowledge with others.

Thanks to Murray Stentiford for forwarding John's message.  Thank
you, Arthur Paul Patterson, for inviting me to join discussion.

What I like to propose for a start is discussing Hodson's
research and results regarding AB/CWL findings and his crystal
research.  I understand that John had a part in this.  So, John,
what do you think about this proposal?

My special interest lies in understanding something of the basic
(deductive) principles underlying phenomena (in this case:
crystal structure and formation, etc.).  Also, I'm very
interested in how we can apply these principles in an analogical
manner.  I understand that Theosophy is a philosophy of
correspondences: so above, so below and vice versa.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins ,this may interest you also, because Sacred
Geometry must be involved in this subject.

Please let me know what you think about this proposal (especially
John: do you want to present some of Hodson's and your findings?)

BTW, John, we have a Foundation in Holland, called Skepsis, which
has done research in telepathy for many years.  As the name
implies, the researchers involved are very critical about claims
for telepathy, etc.  To their own surprise, they had to conclude
that telepathy exists beyond any reasonable doubt.  They
published their findings at the begin of this year (or end of
last year), I think.

Jerry Schueler: I'm certainly interested to read and discuss your
work.  I will have to read it first.  Then I will be able
(hopefully) to discuss it with you and others (if interested).

Martin Euser
The Netherlands

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