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Is There A Brotherhood of Evil?

Sep 27, 1994 03:55 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker

---- Is There A Brotherhood of Evil?

John Tullis, Paul G., Paul J:

       There is also discussion of the path of evil in
"Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy" by G. de
       The dark path is described in terms of degrees of
failure in evolution. It starts with normal, unawakened
people, called "soul-less" because they do not have
spirituality awakened in their lives, to "lost souls"
where an entire lifetime is wasted, and onwards, through
progressively worse degrees of failure ending with
destruction of one's inner nature, and a form of hell
after our evolution on earth is complete (being "ground
over" in an Avitchi Nirvana and then having to restart
       In "The Mahatma Letters," there is mention of the
Mamo-Chohans, whom rule over the Pralayas or outer
periods of death and decay. (We're safely gone from the
scene, having departed into Nirvana upon destruction of
the earth.)
       One aspect of organized "evil" involves other
planetary chains. We can experience hell-like worlds,
places of suffering, since our Earth Chain is not on the
lowest plane. There are other planetary chains yet on
lower planes. To have an experience on one of these
chains would seem hell-like. To visit the highest globes
of one of these chains would be an Nirvana of pure hell,
as compared to the relatively lofty consciousness we
have on the globes of the Earth.
       Purucker goes to considerable lengths to
distinguish the spiritual-material polarity from good
and evil. He explains how it is possible to be material,
and yet good, or how it is possible to become
spiritually evil. A simple way to describe spiritual
evil is what happens if one awakens his higher faculties
and yet remains focused in a strong sense of
personality. The sense of personality and separateness
is raised into the higher principles, along with a "not
caring" that takes on monstrous proportions. Instead of
the sweet coolness of good spirituality, there is the
killing, icy coldness. There is a vast penetration into
the secrets of nature. Personal powers and dominion over
nature and other people becomes the prime motivator,
rather than selflessness and a dedication of life for
others. Hatred is left behind as a waste of energy. Like
J.R. Ewing on "Dallas," one may be likable, but deadly
if one gets in his way. There is absolutely no thought
of others, the sense of personality and individual
separateness reigns supreme.
       What does this sort of path end with? Personal
destruction. The duration of one's existence depends
upon how deep in one's spiritual nature that the evil
has crept. (Picture a cavity; if it gets too deep, a
root canal is necessary.) An totally evil person may
have but a wasted lifetime. An evil person with some
occult powers may be able to hold off the after-death
states for a period of time, but meets with dissolution
as the "second death" is faced and the good part of
Manas (for him--nothing) separates from the Kamarupa.
Still more evil, someone may be able to persist even
longer. The longest that one exists, though, is to the
Pralaya, at which death ensues, since the evil person
cannot persist after the dissolution of the inner worlds
on which he clings to existence. (What about the Mamo-
Chohans ruling at the Pralayas? Another story...)
       It is wrong to picture an hierarchy of good, and
another of evil, both of equal status and power, both
battling for control of the direction of the world.
There is but one order, and that is good. The apparently
organized forces of evil are failures in life, those
failing in the process of evolving into matter in order
to acquire self-consciousness and to raise that treasure
back into the spirit. That process is failing for them,
and if totally failed, just means that it must be
started anew.
       The failures may band together, in some loose-knit
manner, but because of the nature of their
consciousness, they cannot trust each other nor be
depended upon to support any organized structure, unless
it is in their self interest. Any cooperation not based
upon self-benefit would have to be out of fear. If
stronger individuals can control weaker ones, the weaker
ones, although untrustworthy and treacherous, will do
what they are told, until their boss turns his back... I
would not use the term "Dark Brotherhood," because that
implies some sense of brotherliness, at least among
fellow members, and any sense of that type of
consciousness is lost early on in their development of
       Another important aspect of good and evil, of
spiritual success and failure, regards the major turning
points in cycles. At the turning point when the push
into material existence ends and the return to the
spiritual begins, like at the middle of the Fourth
Round, there is a point of failure. Some do not make the
turn, but go lower. It is not a happy fate. Purucker
mentions it in passing, but does not go into much
       Should we be concerned with any of this? Not
really. But what if we aren't perfect? Certainly we all
have various personal flaws, and make mistakes and are
evil at times. True. But it is not 100 percent purity
that makes us good, it is the strength of the pull
towards the higher. The stronger the sense of a draw to
higher things, the safer we are from the corruptible,
the more we raise ourselves into the incorruptible.
Picture a good compass. It is good because it is free-
moving. It can be bumped but always wants to return to
true North. It has a strong desire to be oriented in
that direction. Were it not free-moving, and therefore
responsive to being knocked off the true, it could also
not be free to continually adjust as the compass changes
       What makes the compass good is the persistence in
returning to North, the strength that the pull of the
North is felt. Someone evil may no longer respond to the
call of the North, but do everything according to his
own agenda. We cannot be mislead, though. When the pull
of the spiritual is a compelling force in our lives, we
are safe from any bump that life may throw our way.

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