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Response to Liesel

Sep 25, 1994 04:40 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel.  Welcome to the Net.  Your message
was interesting and needs a response of
sorts.  You will doubtless get all kinds of
feedback on this.  So I may as well as a few
words as well.

     I agree that Absolutes are impractical.
I cannot imagine how one would go about using
them in healings, except in the Christian
Science sense of "knowing the truth" about a
particular situation.  I was raised in
Christian Science, and they do, in fact, use
absolutes a lot.  However, one of the reasons
that I left it for theosophy is that
Christian Science tends to be a bit too

     Relative and Absolute are two poles of a
duality.  Like any other duality, you cannot
have one without the other, and you cannot
eliminate one without the other.  I would
also be very careful of your phrase
"theosophical truths."  We have already
pretty well determined, here on Theos-L, that
one theosophist's truth is not necessarily
another's theosophist's truth.  The only
valid theosophical truth that I am aware of
is universal brotherhood - which *is* a truth
that we, as theosophists, are trying to put
into practice in our daily lives.

     Yes, reincarnation is a "great
motivator."  But again, we must be careful
here.  We must ask ourselves if our
motivations are selfish or altruistic.
Personally, I don't like the idea of
reincarnation.  The notion of coming back
again and going through another childhood and
adolescence sends cold chills of despair
through my spine.  All I can say about
reincarnation is:  thank God for Lethe, the
River of Forgetfulness.

     The idea that reality is wherever you
are currently focused is not limited to the
kahunas.  This has been taught, in one form
or another, through the ages.  I personally
agree with it.  Reality is relative to the
observer.  I have always had an intuitive
feel that when we die, we will take our
personal reality with us.  This is certainly
true enough when we go to sleep.

                       Jerry S

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