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Re: Join the T.S.?

Sep 22, 1994 09:31 PM
by Lewis Lucas


    I joined because I wanted to give my support, small that was,
    to an organization who stood for such fine ideals.  Over the
    years I have known people who declined to join or joined and
    dropped out.

    One of those who declined to join had been a monk for a short
    time and once told me the experience left him very leary of
    joining anything ever again.  Yet, he was one of the most
    regular attendees to our meetings and always made interesting
    contributions to the group discussions.  I think years later
    he did finally join.

    A couple of people who dropped out complained the
    organization hadn't lived up to its professed objects.  I
    read some years ago and can't recall where it was now
    (Mahatma letter's I think) that what an organization
    accomplished was not nearly as important as what it's
    intentions were.  That sounded so compassionate and
    chairtable to me, that motive was more important than
    results.  It is results which are always considered so
    important in our culture.  We judge our politicians by their
    immediate results.

    I have witnesed for myself over the years the value of
    participating in a group.  One can read and study and
    meditate alone with much good, but anyone who has worked on a
    problem with the help of a group of people has probably
    discovered we can often accomplish more together than as

    CWL suggested that it was easy to profess a brotherliness for
    others, but the real test was in the lodge where many very
    dissimilar personalities would gives us the opportunity to
    practice that brotherliness.  He saw the local lodge/study
    group like a lab where this expierment could be worked on.  I
    have met a lot people through this organization that I am
    proud to know and call my brother and some feel the same
    about me.  It is my source of true companionship and a family
    to me.  Finding another member is like finding a long lost
    brother and I can't wait to find out what he has been up to.
    What has he learned? What is he interested in? What good
    books has he read lately? How is his spiritual practices

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