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Re: reply to Eldon

Sep 22, 1994 08:30 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

To pursue the musical analogy a bit further-- The ways in which
we are attached to our own interpretations/approaches to
Theosophy might be parallel to preferring some instruments to
others.  "Only a piano can incorporate the full range of human
emotions"-- "only a violin can capture the yearning of the
heart"-- "only a flute can...blah, blah, blah." Which is
counterproductive, and completely successful in preventing us
from realizing all the things that only a full symphony orchestra
can do.

Yeah, I know, it's a mono-culturally biased metaphor, but it
seems to apply.

IMHO a horrifying proportion of the things people say about
"spirituality" can be pretty accurately boiled down to "mine's
better than yours." I'm far from immune.  But I think it's
helpful to occasionally ask ourselves if that is really all we're
saying, and if so, are we any better than a kindergartner
fighting over who has the best lunchbox.


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