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honoring the gods and our unconscious . . . . .

Sep 06, 1994 05:46 PM
by Altadena Classical Homeopathy Education Society


Thanks Frank.  Let's go into the process of mentation as it
applies to speaking, as speech seems quite magical to me.  Rarely
do I have any sense of which word is going to come out, though I
may have an overall sense of the topic or direction.  This seems
to concur with the idea that much is happening outside of active
awareness.  If I am tired, words come out backwards, mixed-up,
etc., so some part of this awareness/ thinking/speaking system
must be involved with the physical sense of well being.  I'm
unfamiliar with the WITNESS in Vedantic literature (what comes to
mind is the novel DUNE) but I'm curious to know more -- do you
relate it to the observing ego/higher manas?

What kind of practice do you have that you have patients?


I'm impressed Jer.  Thanks for the input.  Would you agree with
Jer S that the archetypes Jung talks about reside in the Astral?
Do you think they have cultural/racial connections with us, and
that there may have been different archetypes that say, the
Atlanteans were in touch with? Or What?

Adam Warcup described the unconscious as all the memories and
possibly all our potentials which at any given time, does not
have the light of consciousness shining on it.  Consciousness
arises, so to speak, and illumines certain aspects of our nature,
those still un-illumined are unconscious.  He thought that it was
just habit that kept certain things in the unconscious.  Any


I don't have any trouble with the idea of living as if all events
are contacts with/messages from the gods/esses.  That's a little
like my approach to Astrology -- everything is symbolic, even the
gods/etc.  One has to invite all the gods, all the planets in to
dinner -- can't leave out, trade, or disinvite any of them.  Kind
of like the old Greco/Roman idea of giving an offering at each of
the temples as one passes.  Seeing below the surface, to the
inner meanings is a constant exercise in perceiving symbolically.
As the Universe doesn't speak English, guess we'll have to learn
the U's language.  Why, though, does it have to be a Personal
Direction from the god-realms? I'm more comfortable with being a
nameless cell in the web.

I agree with your statement about the need for getting conscious
of who we are and dropping this good/bad judgmental stuff.
Doesn't GdeP also say not to get caught up in being good? The
value of the 7-fold model IMHO is that we now have a way to
understand inclusiveness.  IMHO the more inclusive anything is,
the more spiritual it is.


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