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Sep 05, 1994 10:16 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Lewis wrote:

LL> An idea that has haunted me most of my adult life is that
> there is something really important I "should" be doing, but
> I'm not. It sometimes depresses me that having been privileged
> to learn of the Ancient Wisdom, that I have done so little with
> it.

     I've had the same feelings.  Boris de Zirkoff (HPB's last
living blood relative; for whatever that is worth) once told me
that all we have to do is put out the thought, with sincere
desire to do some service, and opportunities will come.  I was
very impressed by that advice, and personal experience has proven
to me that he was right.

Brenda wrote:

BT> Something to remember when reading THE SECRET DOCTRINE is
> that definitions are not always going to help you.  There is so
> much symbolism used in H.P.B.'s writing, and even if we
> understand her symbolic meaning of the term, get ready for this
> meaning to change again in her next reference to it.

     I'm sure you didn't quite mean what you wrote here.
Certainly each time HPB returns to a term, she gives further
information that lends more depth of meaning, but the earlier
meaning is still valid as far as it goes.  If the definitions
were to "change" each time she used a term, the book would be an
impossible code with no key to decipher it.  This of course is
not the case.  ~The Secret Doctrine~ is accessible to anyone of
average intelligence who is willing to put the effort into its
study.  What makes ~The Secret Doctrine~ so "secret" is not the
symbolism, or even the definitions, but the fact that few are
willing to put the required effort into its study.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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