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Re: reply to bill and sarah

Sep 05, 1994 07:38 PM
by Frank Dyer


Who is Frank? Is this someone who wrote to you e-mail? Can you give me
the date on which he posted?<<

Frank Dyer--I am a member at large of the American Section (Adyar
TS).  I have been posting to this list for the past week or so,
but in using the reply command of my CIS navigator I forgot that
this did not automatically automatically result in a public post
the way it does in a CIS forum.  Mea culpa.  But I've been
getting some decent posts through lately, so I think I'm getting
the hang of interfacing with a Net BB.  I am *really* enjoying
the discussions on this list, saving and rereading them.  I hope
that I can contribute something of value to other list members
from the point of view of one who has not had extensive personal
involvement with other TS members but has been practicing
Theosophy for a number of years.  BTW, my article on virtual
reality and Theosophical concepts was featured prominently in The
Quest a couple of years ago.

Frank Dyer

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