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Re: Past lives, reincarnation, and so on.

Sep 01, 1994 09:02 AM
by bill


        Thanks for your reply.  You wrote:

>     Yes, there is personal karma. I think HPB argued it was only just
> that we right our wrongs rather than some appointed scapegoat (Jesus).
> Another I have heard of is group karma, which is the result of being
> members of different groups acting in concert, giving our support to
> different governments, organizations, countries, etc...
>     I have also heard tell of karma ...
>                             ... which is delayed. Our cosmic credit
> balance. How do you feel about credit? ...

Okay, I'll buy into this one for now.  I've heard of the group
karma idea before -- it seems reasonable.  I'll have to do some
thinking on it though before I get a real grokking.  Credit? I
think it is the bane of mankind.  :-) But, boy, does Visa and
MasterCard love the way my SO uses it.  ;-) Karmic credit?
Hhhmmmmm ...  I dunno'.

>                                        ... I remember Dora Kunz once
> saying that this idea of soulmates was nonsense to her, as was well as
> the idea of guardian angels ...

I'm glad that at least two other people in this incarnation agree
with me.  Now all I have to do is figure out why the men- tion of
the term pushes that emotional button of mine! I used to love
reading Richard Bach until I got to _One_ where he goes off about
this "soul mate" thing about him and his wife (maybe it was
_Bridge_Across_Forever_ -- maybe both).  I still think that he
has some interesting things to say but I haven't read him since.

>     How so. I don't see the big deal here. Both taught a septenary
> constitution and ascribed certain functions to those seven bodies.
> Wether you count from the top or the bottom or subdivide functions in
> one place or another doesn't change the value and importance of
> eithers "ideas".  Sometimes it seems to me we argue about the trees
> and lose site of the beauty of the forest we are in and the path
> through it which they both we trying desparetly to point out to us.

Now this one confuses me.  When I had Joy Mills look over the
paper (article) I wrote (mentioned here before), I got a very
clear message from her (I thought).  She told me that there were
several different views on man's "constitution" and that Besant
and Blavatsky were different on their "ideas." I was told that
Blavatsky taught a 7-fold constitution while Besant promoted a
5-fold constitution.

I even remember that during my research I had become confused by
this.  Before reading _Man_and_His_Bodies_ I was told/had read
that there were 7 different bodies according to theosophical
theory.  Then while reading Besant's book, I thought I found only
5 mentioned.  (Maybe 2 of the bodies she had subdivided, I don't
know -- maybe that's how I justified it in my mind at the time.)

Oh well ...  Again, thanks for your response.  I like it when
people make me think -- I try to use it to learn.  May you always
grok in fullness ...

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