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England's justice

Sep 01, 1994 06:33 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Jerry H-E:

Here is what H.P.B.  had to say about the kind of justice
available in England.

"Women are to this day - in England, before the law at any rate -
merely the goods and chattels of their husbands, and mere objects
of lust but for only too many.  Slanders-private or public-are
rarely, if ever, save in cases of blackmail, directed against
wealthy men; thus, the rich alone have a chance of being "reputed
pure" as the prophet has it.  But what of the poor man, of one
who has no means of going to law for redress: in England, for
instance, where justice is the most expensive thing in the
Kingdom, and where it is sold in ounces, and paid in pounds-what
of him? And what of one, who, besides being poor, is falsely
PROVE-with the handicap, moreover, against him, that while
slander and bad reports require no proofs to be eagerly believed
in by charitable Christians at large, he can no more disprove the
charge-say, of having murdered his mother-in-law in a dream- than
he can pay his "costs" in court? For, does not the smallest
lawsuit generally equal three fires and a successful burglary?
How is one so situated, to protect and vindicate himself? In the
eyes of the whole world, save of his friends, he stands accused
of everything his traducers can invent, and thus he remains at
the mercy of any blackguard who owes him a grudge.  And oh, the
terrible helplessness, and the mental agony of the victim,
especially in the lands of BLESSED freedom of speech and press,
such as England and America! Do what he may, the slandered man
will go down into his grave with a name left dragging in the mud
of calumny; and the inheritance of his children will be the
opprobrium attached to that name."

CW Vol XII, p.  387-388.

Elsewhere in my reading, H.P.B.'s selected spokesperson for
Europe has said that Europeans will not ever strive for the
ethics of the Eastern Initiates, that a European's temperament is
too active, etc.

Since you, Jerry, are always in such agreement with H.P.B., I'm
sure that this is the same picture you meant to portray when
referring to C.W.L.'s treatment.  He wouldn't be treated fairly
there either.

Some additional background: The excerpt above by H.P.B.  is in
response to a prophecy which she found in the PURANAS which
paints a very dismal portrait of the morals of a future society
which she then likens to what was then presently occurring in

I definitely think someone interested in History should follow
the tradition of the Eastern Initiates and look for information
that is etched in stone or in the stars, rather than rely on the
printed word of today.  The older your history is, the better it
is and I'd like to write more on the stone and spirit, if I can
formulate it, for next Monday.

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