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White Flag

Aug 31, 1994 12:04 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Well, what can I say?  I tried to present my
views on ethics, and got condemnation from
all sides (it reminds me of the time I co-
authored an essay on sex for Ralph Nurrey's
THEOSOPHICAL NETWORK, which gleaned similar
results).  Sarah read somewhere that I think
ethics are "wrong" - which is close to 180
degrees from what I thought I was saying.
Jerry H-E read between my lines that I am
downright hostile toward the notion of
ethics; perhaps not 180 degrees away, but
pretty close.  Maybe the problem is in the
language itself.  Well, whether so or no, I
will leave my dictionary safely on the shelf,
if only for Sarah's sake.  On the one hand, I
got some folk's juices stirred; a worthy
endeavor all by itself.  On the other hand,
disappointment has set in because not one
single person apparently understood my drift
(I was really hoping for at least one).  I
find it interesting that theosophists deplore
anyone forcing the development of psychic
abilities, and yet extoll the virtues of
forcing ethics down their own and other's
throats.  What seemed to me to be such an
obvious notion - that by cultivating
compassion and spiritual insight, we can let
both psychic abilities and ethics come into
our lives quite naturally whereas when either
is forced, grave physical and psychological
dangers can arise - got lost in the desire to
see ghosts where none existed.

                  Jerry S.

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