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Self-Imposed Lightness

Aug 28, 1994 02:09 PM
by DaRatMan

This is a follow-up by Daniel Hampson to Eldon's
"Self-Imposed Darkness"...

>The best way to engender further discussion along
>a certain line is to write something in that vein
> yourself. The type, nature, and quality of our i
> communications will both elicit responses in kind,
>i as well as a certain degree of static from those it
> does not sit well with.

And from "What's Missing from Our Talk"...

> I sense doubt in Theosophy, distrust of it, a cynical
> attitude that it's a sham, that it's a work of
> imagination, that it's just a fairy tale.

As I attempted to say in my "Greater Shame" post, my own
distrust in Theosophy comes from the history of
Theosophists themselves accusing each other of various
degrees of deceit and other questionable acts.  Much like
numerous other groups.

I do not have any personal knowledge nor belief one way or
another regarding any truth of Reincarnation or Karma.  But
of the Light, I am sure.  The Voice I have heard.  I
experienced OOBE's before I ever knew of such things.  I
know the difference between dreams and visions.

The more I study, the more sordid and less trustworthy
Theosophy becomes.  I came to the organization as a seeker
of some specific information that would explain my personal
experiences.  I was warmed by the nature of the people and
information at the Quest Book Shop in Wheaton.  I attended
some workshops at Olcott.  I met John Algeo.  His comments
and the Newsletter, in general, seem to have a different
slant or tone than what I read here.  And I find it unusual
that in the ten months I've subscribed to theos-l not one
message has been posted by him.

Joy Mills' "100 Years of Theosophy" was helpful (although
it seems to have been heavily fumigated).  I originally
thought the word "theosophy" was just a combined study of
theology and philosophy.  I didn't know it was Blavatsky's

I assumed HPB was a sinister occult troll, and presumed she
was marketed that way to appeal to similar spirits.
Perhaps CWL was a member of NAMBL or the Rene Guyon
Society, whose Karma it was to infiltrate theosophists and
get even for some previous incarnation.  Whatever the case,
I haven't seen any images of either that would convey a
sense of impending warmth, much less jovial international
fellowship.  The stuff they've written (or not written) is
not fun to read nor do they seem to be stepping stones on
the path I thought I was on.  It's new to me.  Perhaps I'll
get used to it.  But at the moment, it's too clumsy and
complex to be believable, like so much other religious and
cultish literature.  Perhaps they are all secretly joined
together and called the Grand Tautological Society.  The
whole thing could be quite humorous to those who believe
that the arts of deceit are honorable social & scientific

I'm here because I simply want answers to my questions.
And I want to share my knowledge in hopes that it will help
someone else find what they seek.

You're more believable than Blavatsky, Eldon.  So carry her
torch if you like.  But we all have a piece of the puzzle
to bring to the World.  I don't have the time nor the
inclination to read all the same books you've read, any
more than you would have to read mine.  But I have time to
hear what YOU have received from the Light and in turn I'll
share what I've received.  At what point of "initiation"
are we permitted to do that?

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