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more ethics

Aug 24, 1994 12:44 PM

To Jerry H-E,

Approximately one month ago I wrote a message to
you on the topic of the seven priniples that
theosophy teaches. I was responding to your group
in California who were doing talks on the subject
from an historical perspective. Although my last
note to you went unanswered, I am attempting once
again to bring up the subject. The reason I am do-
ing so is because I believe that the subject of
ethics is closely tied to the seven principles and
that to discuss them here would answer some requests
for more discussion on basic theosophical philosophy.
I believe that a good understanding of the meaning
of these principles in relationship to the indivi-
dual treading The Path, will add depth to the mean-
ing of theosophy itself. Our consciousness goes
through many changes in direct relationship to these
principles which are too often explained solely in in-
tellectual terms. As April H-E mentioned yesterday,
it would be useful if we could explore, though discus-
sion, a more "real" experience. I suggest, if anyone is
interested, to start with a definition of those princi-
ples. Thereafter, a more broad investigation of each prin-
ciple in turn, and then, how this relates to other theoso-
phical thought and how this manifests itself in our
real life experiences. For example: What exactly is
meant by the Kama Rupa, and how does one's sexual be-
havior interelate with this principle? And so on, as each
principle is discussed. I would greatly appreciate
having various people on the network define these prin-
ciples. And I would especially be interested in an update
on the events taking place in your group currently in-
volved in research on this subject.

Thank you...........Sarah.

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