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The bad omen in China.

Aug 23, 1994 11:57 PM
by Aki Korhonen

I'm horrified of these news, as a human in general, but more
because I feel close friendship with Chinese.  When I got the "Bad
Omen in China" news item, I thought it was about something more
general or subtle.aki.

 [CND, 08/22/94] Landslides and flooding triggered by typhoon Fred
 have killed more than 700 people in Zhejiang province, according
 to an AP report Tuesday.

 Meanwhile, some other provinces are suffering from a severe
 drought.  In Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, the rain shortfall was
 the worst since 1934, China Daily reported Monday.  About 40
 million acres of crop land have been affected throughout the
 nation.  (Ming Zhang, Chuck Lin)

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