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re "thoughts on morals" etc.

Aug 22, 1994 08:50 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jerry S.,

JS>          Jerry H-J is upset about the ethical
>         standards of the younger generation of
>          theosophists.

     I'm afraid that you have lost me here my friend.  Where did
I ever express any concern about the ethical standards of the
younger generation of theosophists?

JS>        First of all, I have yet to hear
>          anyone advocate unethical behaviors.  Jerry,
>          thanks for the quote, but rest easy, everyone
>          agrees that a theosophist should be ethical.

     I haven't heard anyone advocating unethical behavior either.
Are you implying that I have accused anyone of doing this?

JS>        The disagreements only come into play when we
>          try to define ethics.

     All the more reason why it would be a good topic to discuss.

     Jerry, I don't know where you got the statements that you
are debating--perhaps you have confused my posts with someone
else's.  I found that the best way to avoid mis-quoting someone
is to copy their exact statements ahead of my own responses, as I
have done above.
     If you go back to my original posts on this subject, you
will find that, in response to Vic's invitation for discussion
concerning theosophical education,  I had suggested that we have
a forum of discussion on the concept of "ethics" and "universal
ethics," a term that I intentionally left un-defined.  In a later
post, I had also suggested that someone might post a summary of
Kohlberg's and Gilligan's researches on the subject, as I didn't
have the time to do this, and I feel that their research is
important background to be aware of, before beginning this
discussion.  Thank you for coming forward and posting these

The following is by April Hejka-Ekins:

     The question of ethics in relationship to Theosophy has been
raised on the network.  A stimulating conversation can result if
we dialogue with one another, rather than pontificating.  Instead
let us share our ideas and experience and, where appropriate,
agree to respectfully disagree in an atmosphere of open inquiry.
     I wish to begin my part of the dialogue with 4 points.
First, if spiritual growth is the process of realizing the
fundamental unity of all life, then I believe leading an ethical
life as essential to reaching that state.  From my experience as
an instructor of ethics, I view the term from two dimensions:
developing the moral judgment to discern right from wrong and
exercising the strength of character to put those judgments into
     Second, the writings of Blavatsky, Judge, and the Mahatmas
themselves are totally imbued with ethics as the foundation for
earnest students of the Ancient Wisdom.  From my studies I
believe to be a Theosophist means struggling to live an ethical
life of self-responsibility, justice, and compassion, while
constantly striving for Truth.
     Third, due to our own egotistic nature, it is easy to
dispense with ethics as merely either "being nice to people" or
"adhering our own moral code" that supersedes the conforming
standards of society.  I believe one way we often delude
ourselves is in thinking that because "we are on the Path," that
we have become virtuous and can go on to the more important work;
i.e.,investigation of occult practices.
     Fourth, in my experience leading an ethical life requires
honest self-scrutiny and an ongoing humility, since we are each
filled with flaws.  Perhaps a fruitful conversation would be to
discuss ethical problems we have faced and how a Theosophical
perspective can be helpful in coping with them.
                              April Hejka-Ekins

Nancy Coker,

     I showed your post to April, and we are both all for your
idea.  I think April might like to work with you on this one, as
it is also a deep interest of hers.  You might give her a ring.
I also might have an idea or two, and will post them email, but
off of theos-l.

     As for astrology, why don't you bring up some horoscopes
that interest you, and I'll do the same.  If nothing else, we can
find a corner, be our own group, and ponder over them.  But I'll
bet that there will be several others interested in this too.  I
know Roger will want to join in. If you have a chart maker
program disk that works on a Mac, perhaps you might want to bring
a copy of this up too.  Lee has a computer there now.

     Tell John that I bought the drum.  It is Egyptian--made in
Alexandria.  The guy who sold it to me also gave me a tape of
Egyptian music and is teaching me some simple beats and a little
about the culture.  He wants me to come by when ever I have time
and jam with him. I'm pretty excited.


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