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education, etc.

Aug 22, 1994 09:27 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Vic Hao Chin:

I know of no other place where I am able to write so easily to a
real President of The Theosophical Society in answer to his request
for ideas.  Even when there are printed briefs in our national
magazine, it just doesn't have the ease of responding nor the
selectiveness of responding.  If I answer a similar message in "The
American Theosophist," I am among a group of 5000 potential
respondees.  Here I can be one out of 70 or so subscribers who may
submit educational ideas to you at the rate of one or two a week.
I just wanted you to know how honored I am to be able to correspond
with you on such a personal basis.

I received a letter in the mail from Barbara Jordan, a democratic
national leader.  She is fundraising as well as promoting an
is the name of an educational journal published twice a year and
mailed free to teachers.  (Are you a teacher?) This journal
contains "practical, teacher-tested ideas to promote understanding
and tolerance---and a comprehensive "how to get" guide..." The
project is also producing video-and-text teaching kits.  The first
in the series is called "America's Civil Rights Movement." This is
also available free to schools.  Five other video kits are being
planned covering history and ways to build understanding and
respect in violent communities.  Teachers and schools receive the
materials free.  (probably just in the U.S.)

Newsweek said the project is a "winner among programs providing
moral education 1990's style." Barbara Jordan called it a move to
"curb racial tensions and mounting hate crimes." The sponsor of the
project is an Alabama lawyer and his Southern Poverty Law Center,
which has been committed to civil rights since its founding in
1971.  They have fought and won lawsuits which have bankrupted
powerful Klan groups and brought White Aryan Resistance (violent
hate) groups to justice.  They are active in seeking the arrests of
neo-Nazi Skinheads with sinister plans.  The judgements which the
Law Center wins will prevent groups from ever again becoming
threats to churches and civil rights leaders.  While they are able
through legal means to cripple hate groups, many hate crimes are
committed by ordinary citizens, especially young people.  The
TEACHING TOLERANCE program is aimed at curbing these losses to

While I'm not suggesting that theosophists are in particular need
of programs promoting non-violence and tolerance, I am suggesting
that the school could have an outreach into the community similar
to what this group is attempting.  If you can't get the materials
free, you could receive a complimentary copy of the magazine for a
$20 donation.  I particularly like that the project is called
"TEACHING" TOLERANCE and not "Learning" Tolerance.  Can
theosophists become teachers of humanity?

The address (if you'd care to write for more information) is:

Southern Poverty Law Center
Teaching Tolerance
P.O. Box 548
Montgomery, AL   36177-9621

Do you have a race problem in the Philippines?

Bill Parrette:

Besant and Leadbeater's idea, found in THE LIVES OF ALCYONE, is
that most souls are found in one of two groups which tend to
incarnate in cycles of one life in each subrace (1000 year
intervals) or a few successive lives in one subrace (700 year
intervals).  There is also some crossover between groups, but it
doesn't seem like people would be much good without their pals and
loved ones (and enemies) from previous lives, although he says at
some point in the egos development it becomes easier for friends to
separate to accomplish some goal.  (If you are really unsettled
about Leadbeater, try to picture what it must have been like for
followers of Jesus in the early days who understood his teachings
and admired him and had to deal with those who insisted Jesus was a
convicted criminal.)

John Algeo has written a book on reincarnation and although I
haven't read it, I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture he gave
on the book's contents at Olcott.  At that time he gave many
instances of people having foreknowledge of things, people,
stories, which led to a confirmation of the reality of the thing,
sometimes in a far off place.  How could this person have such
detailed memories of things if he hadn't actually lived there? One
explanation other than reincarnation is that he acquired knowledge
through a form of mental telepathy.  If the experience you told
about your wife's friend were my experience, I wouldn't even assume
that I was the dead soldier with the candy bar.  I would instead
mark it up to an intuition regarding someone I was to meet in the
future, my dreamworld or thoughts being impressed by the strength
of the incident in the future someone's consciousness as perhaps
karma drew us together.  There are so many different types of yogic
powers as described in the fourth book of THE YOGA SUTRAS, that
many of these other powers, rather than knowledge of past lives,
could be responsible for the experience.

I believe John Algeo has written at least one book since his book
of reincarnation stores and I wonder if Elizabeth Trumpler would
mind supplying us with a list of his books.  Maybe some of the
people on theos-l would like to study one.

Jerry S.  and Richard I.:

I found a quote in THE SECRET DOCTRINE about the monad which you
might like to hear.  The Monad "remains at all times, save in the
Nirvanic state, under whatever conditions, or whatever external
forms." and according to Leibnitz, "repeating an Eastern teaching,
so the Monad has, during the cycle of its incarnations, to reflect
in itself every ROOT-FORM of each kingdom." p.186, Vol II.

Meditation on this idea may produce an idea of a semi-Self.

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