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Greater Shame

Aug 21, 1994 06:49 AM
by DaRatMan

On Sunday, August 21, Eldon Tucker wrote:

>The proper attitude is admitting into our lives things
> of the Spirit. These things are so incredibly beautiful
> and profound, that we simply have no choice but to
> do something, be it ever so humble, to give
> expression to them in the outer world. To not try,
> to gaze on the Truly Grand and do nothing, is the
> greatest shame imaginable.

I can imagine Greater Shame ... to pretend that one has gazed on the
Truly Grand and eloquently expressed the Lie for the purposes of
exalting oneself and misleading others.

Those of us out here lurking in the darkness are drawn to the Light.
But some of the Brighter Beings we encounter possess Light without
Warmth. They take our time, twist our thoughts, steal our children,
breed with our mates. And our Hearts are frozen.

We know that Beautiful Truth has a few Ugly Sisters and Brothers. We
weren't really looking for them and now that we're bumping into them in
the dark, we're not sure how intimate we should become before the Dawn.

Somebody light another Candle, please. Talk Crazy. Reveal your
Mystery. Give me some Heat.

Daniel Hampson

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