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Re: Semi-Selves

Aug 20, 1994 10:21 PM
by Aki Korhonen

On Sun, 21 Aug 1994, Gerald Schueler wrote:

> Richard, I like your Semi-Selves.  They sound like the Tibetan
> doctrine of a "collection of others" that Alexandra David-Neel
> writes about.  I quoted from her a while ago in a Quest letter
> in response to a Quest article about a collection of selves
> within each of us.  Eldon has pointed out that Buddhists teach
> a "flow" or "stream" while theosophy  teaches/emphasizes
> monads.  Are your Semi-Selves monads or streams? Your idea
> warrents further devlopment.

                        Jerry S.

Does these "semi-selves" and "collection of others" have similarities
to Ouspensky's "false personalities"?

   Peace, aki.

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