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Aug 16, 1994 00:22 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


BT> The freedom that I am discussing is the freedom to read and
> think pure thoughts.

     If my writings cause you to think impure thoughts, then I
suggest you not read them.  I believe that I have made this
suggestion to you before, but you ignored it.  You have to learn
to control your own thoughts.  It is not practical to think that
everything and everyone who happens to make you think an impure
thought should be made to disappear.  For instance, if tomatoes
make you think impure thoughts, then don't buy them.  When you
visit the vegetable section in your market--ignore them.  But
don't expect the world to stop selling tomatoes because they
might give you an impure thought.

BT> I don't think that it is fair or just for anyone to have the
> right to "impose something wrong" on people's consciousnesses
> which has no relation to what they are doing and has no lesson
> to teach. What is it you are trying to accomplish by singly
> out one individual's supposed wrongdoing?  Is this supposed to
> be a statement against and discouragement to celibacy?  Are you
> trying to convey that this type of behavior lies in everyone's
> future?  Do you realize that there are those who imitate
> "greatness" and could become prone to similar activities in
> their lives?  Wouldn't this story be better left untold?

     Based upon your comments and questions, and some others, I'm
more convinced than ever that a good discussion concerning morals
and ethics is really needed here.  Ethical and moral behavior,
and  decision making has been basic to every religion and to the
health of every civilization.  It is basic to theosophy also.
How can we have discussions on "the path" and "adeptship" when we
can't even deal with basic ethical decision making?  If you go
back to my original discussion, you will find that the issue
concerned moral discrimination.  It was Jerry S. who raised
Leadbeater as the example.  I just responded using the example he
gave.  But I think his example was a good one.

BT> I personally have very little interest in gossip and if I do
> not have first-hand involvement in a criminal or moral dilemma,
> I have no right to judge.  These types of matters are better
> left to courts as well as to karma.

     It is interesting how documented information that we don't
want to hear is always called "gossip."  But your quick and
impassioned replies whenever the subject comes up proves that you
really have a very deep interest in this so called "gossip."  As
for the "criminal or moral dilemma," you don't need to make any
judgements.  The people involved did that long ago and found
C.W.L. guilty via his own admissions.

BT> Please don't impose wrongdoing on the people in this group.

     The logic of this admonition escapes me.  In what possible
way am I imposing any "wrongdoing" on anybody?  Do you believe,
by any chance, that I'm advocating child molesting?  If so, then
you are very very misguided.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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