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Theosophical Encyclopedia

Aug 12, 1994 10:09 AM
by Vic Hao Chin

    I read the question of Bill proposing the preparation of a
    theosophical encyclopedia.

    There is such an effort now, being handled by a group of
    editors headed by Phil Harris of Australia, of which I am also
    involved.  It is a laborious job, and perhaps a hundred letters
    have been sent all over the theosophical world asking for
    involvement and contribution.  Contributed articles have come
    from many people, which include some of the most respected
    names in the theosophical world.  A few hundred articles have
    already been finished in a relatively raw form, subject to much
    editing and re-editing in the months (or years) to come.

    Assistance and support to this project would be most welcome.
    Among the major areas that need experts are in the
    philosophical, historical and biographical categories.
    Articles should endeavor to be objective and well-balanced.
    They may also have to be re-edited to conform to the encyclope
    dia format.

    If there are volunteers among those who have access to theos-l,
    I will get in touch with Phil and perhaps we can identify areas
    or subjects which people can research and contribute to.

    This work will require years and many, many people. Will you help?

                                        Vic Hao Chin Jr.

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