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Re: (see below)

Aug 11, 1994 09:39 PM
by RIhle

Hello, Jerry.

If in person you are as forceful as your writing, I think I would
remember you (I don't).  Conversely, I am merely one hundred
sixty-five pounds of dry theosophical paper, so even my ex-wife is
perfectly excused for not quite placing me any longer.  (You see,
it is not only in regard to the existence of Masters, but I
sometimes also have a complicated "fence-sitting attitude" about
myself as well.  .  .  .)

What follows is a response to this of yours: "Censorship: Richard
comments that T.S.  never showed any interest in 'censoring or
rejecting anything of my "non-given" views.' Perhaps you never
expressed any views that they wished to censor.  In truth, the
Adyar Society has a long history of censorship.  But if that isn't
already obvious, then it wouldn't matter to you anyway."

Well, Jerry, I have two things sitting in the AT hopper which
should tell us a little more about the existence/non-censorship in
the TS: One is an article called "The Next Messenger" which starts
out with the line: "I never wanted to be Blavatsky, but Koot-Humi
would be okay." Following some of my usual exposition, I then
reveal a new palm-leaf document upon which is written a previously
unknown dialogue between HPB and K-H; naturally, I proceed to share
the pair's words with the membership for the first time.  If John,
Bill, and the Advisory Board swallow hard and give the OK to this
prodigy, it's going to be hard to ever convince me they are not
living up to the highest standards of thought-freedom.

The other, a minor test, is a book review of Ken Wilber's GRACE AND
GRIT where I actually mention his bald head.  If they publish this,
we will know that the Powers That Be don't even censor simple bad
taste.  .  .  .

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

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