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Freedom of Belief in the T.S.

Aug 10, 1994 08:13 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker.


    My comments regarding the Adyar T.S. and the expulsion of
members, lodges, and sometimes a National Section was intended
to illustrate the point that there is some organizational
attempt to regulate the nature of the membership. Apart from
that point, nothing further need be said.
    Each situation where there resignations or expulsions is
complex, and various interpretations can be made of their
circumstances. We do not really need to go into any.
    Each theosophical organization has had its turbulent
times. The Adyar T.S. is not exclusive in this regard. Take
the example of the Pasadena T.S. There was a time after the
death of G. de Purucker when most of the highest E.S.
students, members of Purucker's Inner Group, were expelled or
forced to resign, and lodges were closed world-wide. This was
followed by all T.S. members having their memberships
cancelled, and being required to sign a card accepting J.A.
Long as the new head of the T.S. in order to stay members. The
size of the membership was dramatically reduced, and a large
Point Loma non-society was thereby created.
    Many examples from the different organizations can be
mentioned. My only point, though, is that there are
organizational attempts at keeping things going along certain
lines, consistent with the outlook of the people running the
    Is there a dark side to the various theosophical groups?
Yes and no. If your belief is consistent with that promoted in
the organization, when it rids itself of dissident views, you
may feel a sense of relief. (Of course, I might ask, should
you feel relief at such an event?) But if you are one of those
shown the door, you'd certainly feel that something dark was
happening. Who is right?
    Of the different groups, the Adyar T.S. is the most
liberal, and supports the widest range of differing
philosophies and outlooks. You have to be fairly extreme in
order to be considered "an outsider." It is rare to find a
case when a lodge is shut down, because it is considered to
have been taken over by people not into Theosophy, only
interested in using its building or assets for their unrelated
    The views of Richard Ihle may show up in the national
magazine, along side Leadbeater, Blavatsky, Hoeller, and
Kubler Ross--quite a wide spectrum of outlook. I wouldn't
worry about being too outspoken. There are no cups of Hemlock
awaiting any Socrates whom may open his mouth one time too
    The question of the culture, climate, and beliefs
fostered in any theosophical society is different, of course,
than that of the nature of Theosophy itself, and its place in
the world.

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