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Re: The Adepts and the Origin...

Aug 09, 1994 09:09 PM
by RIhle


I was reading along, liking your writing a lot as usual, and then I hit
something which I think I need explained:

"The nature of Theosophy may not be as apparent in the Adyar T.S.,
because of its more liberal approach to membership.  You can disbelieve
in any part of the philosophy, or reject it entirely, and still join.
If you keep a low profile, or do not run for office, your membership is
safe.  In 1965 the National President was forced to resign.  Lodges are
sometimes dissolved.  On occasion, a National Section, with its entire
membership, is expelled, as was the Canadian Section, but a few years

I hope I am wrong, but this sort of gives me the eerie feeling that you
may be suggesting that the TS also has a "darker side"--a side which I
certainly had not realized.  It would especially bother me if it were
true that the only way that one can remain safe as a member is to have
"a low profile and not run for office." Did you literally mean this? Is
there an "Inner Group" which watches us or something?

(Eldon, I'm really hoping you give one of your masterful explanations
which can get the TS back on the side of the Good Fairies for

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

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