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Aug 01, 1994 11:18 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Jerry, I appreciate your comments and hope others might keep their
eyes open regarding Wesak's origin and maybe a large group could
even solve this.

Richard Ihle, I remember some of your work and was even able to
mention an article you wrote for the AT containing your doubts
about reincarnation during an introductory theosophy class.  I've
always enjoyed reading your thoughts and am glad to see your
participation here.  May I ask, since you aren't convinced of
masters or reincarnation, what is it that attracted you to The
Theosophical Society?

In my own case, at first I only wanted to use the library, but then
getting information seemed simpler for members.  I really was just
interested in living as THE YOGA SUTRAS described and came to
realize that other members were also interested in this same
spiritual way of living.  Interest in the writers and various books
and subjects developed through attending events at the Wheaton
headquarters, which I lived near and I eventually became a member
of the staff for which I am thankful and indebted to my dying days.
Most of any organizational work I might attempt is to "keep the
candle burning" so to speak out of gratitude for their taking me
in.  It really helped me to understand what being in touch with
other theosophists could accomplish in terms of life energy.

I hope that the network members will enjoy the following rendition
of "The Zenrin" and if anyone is aware of any history concerning
this popular Zen work, I'd love to hear about it.

While alive be a dead man, thoroughly dead; And act as you will,
and all is good.

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