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Vic Hao Chin is online

Jul 30, 1994 12:52 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker.


I just heard from Vic Hao Chin, who is now online and
trying to join 'theos-l'. I hope he doesn't mind my
posting his note to me--it's of interest to all of us...

>   Date: 27 Jul 1994 23:43:34 +010
>   From: (Vic Hao Chin
>   Subject: Connection with Interne
>   Dear Eldon
>   Finally, after trying to look for ways and means, I finally got
>   into Internet (through Toolnet in Amsterdam which has a server here
>   in the Philippines).  My number is <> .
>   Just to keep you updated on the Secret Doctrine project.  We have
>   entered the entire work into the disk, and we are now in the
>   process of proofreading it.  I have already found a commercial
>   search program which is unsophisticated by good enough for the
>   moment for searching.  And it's fast.  I shall let you know
>   developments on this matter.
>   Meantime, I would appreciate knowing the Internet address of our
>   other friends.  I only know yours and that of Wheaton.
>   I have been told how to get into <theos-l> conference.  I have sent
>   an e-mail to to subsribe to <theos-l>.  I
>   hope that I am able to link up soon.  Is this the only conference
>   on theosophy?

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