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Jul 27, 1994 03:50 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Framemaker is a DTP program like Pagemaker, Ventura Publisher,
or QuarkExpress. It costs several hundreds of dollars, and its
feature set for the distribution of electronic documents is
much less that Adobe Acrobat or some similar program.

The fonts do not come with it.
It has a learning curve for people to use it..
It costs hundreds of dollars vs perhaps $10-$20 (est.) for
   the quantity pricing for Acrobat if we order 100 at a time
   for a theosophical distribution project.
It does not support device-independent, compressed documents
   (including zoomable fractal-compressed pictures).

The most-quickly available format for electronic documents is
(a) in generic wordprocessor format (like Wordperfect 5.1 which
can be imported into almost any DOS or Windows wordprocessor),
(b) ascii format for easy reading by people without access to
word procesors, and (c) Adobe Acrobat format, for electronic
books with illustrations that can be read online like a paper
book is read... Indexing software and further types of
computer editions comes later.

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