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ongoing computer stuff.. might as well bring everyone in on theos-l

Jul 23, 1994 02:56 PM
by John Mead

> I dug into the Microsoft MediaViewer Program....
> >I want to initially be able to query the text to find all
> >occurances (e.g.) of "Master", "India", where there is no mention
> >of the word "Adept" or "England" except when occuring along with
> >"Egypt" .(this is simply an example)
> >
> >I do not think anyone has found a available package to do this ??
> With MediaViewer, you would use a search query like:
>   ((Master OR India) NOT (Adapt OR England)) OR
>   ((Master OR India) AND (Adapt OR England) AND Egypt)
> One could probably make a simpler query but my brain quit working.
> Anyway, I've got an SDK for the MediaViewer (which is like a
> Help Compiler) so we'll see how it works on a Theosophical
> document. It also uses RTF files.
>     -Mike Grenier
> ----
> Michael W. Grenier
> 612-456-7869          Unisys - Air Traffic Control

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