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Re: ts summer convention

Jul 20, 1994 08:59 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Paddy,

     I have just been pondering that question.  Initially SUNY
told me that the date it was due to be shipped from the printer
to their distributor was the 22nd, and this makes that the
official pub date.  When I told them that the TS convention
started that day, after checking things out SUNY said they
would be able to get some books to me by the 21st.  But then
last night on my answering machine, I had a message from the
production editor saying they had been sent on Friday the 15th.

     Even if the 22nd is the official pub date, I think if they
were all printed by last Friday that should be the day I use
for the chart.  It will probably end up with a moon in Libra
rather than Capricorn, which is OK by me.

     I'll post comments on the convention and responses to the
book after I get back.  Thanks for remembering my big event--
this is the fulfillment of many years of work.


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